A Satisfying Red Wine That’s Bold, And Definitely Not Shy [Video]

“Hi, I’m Master Sommelier Alpana Singh and I am your featured Taylored Wines Sommelier for the month of June.

The winery that I’ve chosen to work with is a super fantastic boutique winery from Napa Valley by the name of Azur. It comes to us from a husband and wife team, Julien and Elan Fayard.

With the Azur Reserve blend, the result is an extremely interesting wine that’s very reminiscent of Malbec. Notes of violet, it’s deep, it’s dark, and it’s dense. It’s very purpley, it’s definitely going to stain your teeth but in a very good way.

A very satisfying red wine when you want something bold and you definitely don’t want something shy.  So this is definitely another red meat, steak kind of wine. But you can actually just even enjoy it on its own so if you need that sort of extra intensity to finish your meal with, this is the bottle to go for.”

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