5 Ways to Upcycle Crummy Wine From Your Wine Club Shipment

It’s inevitable. You sign up for a wine club and receive a few bottles that you just can’t stand. Rather than waste the wine (and your money), why not get creative? We’ve rounded up our five favorite ways to upcycle the wine that you’re just not interested in drinking.

Please only try these recipes with low-quality wine; save the good stuff for straight sipping!

1. Frosé

(Frozen Rosé) For the rosé that tried hard but fell short.

2. Rosé Gummy Bears

For the rosé that could actually be enhanced by adding sugar.

3. Champagne Gummy Bears

Because not all bubbles are created equal.


4. Wine Ice Cream Float

The jury is still out on this one…


5. Wine Ice Cubes

For the bottle that you open and just have no desire to finish.



Have you tried any of these recipes? If so, tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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