Wine Paired With Grilled Cheese

Another crazy food ‘holiday’, another delicious blog post. Let’s make the most of National Grilled Cheese Day with delicious wine pairings.

Wine With Grilled Cheese

Grilled Cheese Paired with Wine
(Irene Virbila / Los Angeles Times)

In 2015, Dragonette Cellars winemaker Brand Sparks-Gilles, who has also worked as a baker, sat down with the LA Times to write this article, Wines that work with grilled cheese. Today, we’re breaking down the article and the recipes so you can have the happiest National Grilled Cheese Day ever. It’s on Tuesday, April 12th, by the way.

Four Wines Paired With Four Grilled Cheese

1. Blue & Goat Cheese Crostini with Rosé

Blue & Goat Cheese Crostini

Dragonette Cellars Rosé

  • Thick slices of sourdough crostini, grilled
  • Point Reyes Blue mixed with fresh goat cheese
  • Quartered dried white figs soaked in Sauvignon Blanc for a few hours
  • Toasted pine nuts

2. Red Pepper, Pesto & Mozzarella with Whatever You Like

Red Pepper, Pesto and Mozzarella Grilled Cheese:

Dragonette Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Happy Canyon

  • Pain au levain
  • Roasted sweet red peppers
  • A smear of pesto
  • Thick slices of fresh mozzarella
  • Drizzle outside with olive oil and brown on the grill
  • Toss up! Pair this grilled cheese with any of the wines listed in this post

3. Classic Grilled Cheese, 2 Ways, with Sauvignon Blanc

Classic Grilled Cheese, 2 Ways:

Dragonette Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Voglezang Vineyard

  1. Classic grilled cheese with sharp English cheddar on levain
  2. Classic grilled cheese with aged Tillamook (a less intense grilled cheese)

Both with mustard from Garagiste in Seattle 

4. Rye & Gruyère with Syrah & Pinot Noir

Rye with cave-aged Gruyére:

Dragonette Cellars Seven Syrah Blend

  • Rye bread
  • Cave-aged gruyere
  • McClure’s garlic pickles




Rest assured that Brandon used the highest quality bread (some, sent to him from CO., some purchased at his favorite local bakery) and the best cheese he could find. Try taking your grilled cheeses up a notch by sourcing the highest quality, freshest, ingredients possible.

These wines pair with more than grilled cheese. For a full list of recommendations from the LA Times team, check out their follow up post HERE.

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