Gandona Estate at Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe

Last week, we teamed up with Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe and Feast & Imbibe Events to host a Gandona Estate wine dinner at Knightsbridge’s store in Northbrook. Chef D’Andre Carter and Sommelier Heather Bullock of Feast & Imbibe Events put together a phenomenal pairing menu with these five wines from Pritchard Hill:

Gandona_Estate Knightsbridge Dinner

The Gandona Estate label evolved in 2011 to reflect owner Manuel Pires’ Portuguese background. The Portuguese pavement is a tradtional-style pavement used for many pedestrian areas in Portugal. It can also be found in the Gandona Estate tasting room in Napa Valley.

Since Gandona does not produce bubbles, Knightsbridge started dinner on a high note pairing Krug with Feast & Imbibe’s delicious appetizers.


Krug with appetizersChicken and Waffle Bites Waffle crusted chicken, butternut squash puree, maple syrup

French Onion Soup Stuffed Mushrooms Cremini mushrooms, caramelized onions, gruyere cheese

Potato Tarts Filo pasty, potato, leeks, goat cheese

After mingling over Krug and tasty bites, we sat down for the following dinner.

Mixed Green Salad with 2012 Gandona Estate Chardonnay 

Tangerine, amish bleu cheese, radish, shallot, cucumber, heirloom tomato, crispy tortilla strips and avocado dressing paired well with the flavor profile and the weight of this Chardonnay. Gandona does not currently produce enough Chardonnay to release to the market, but assuming production grows, this was a great indication of things to come!

Gandona Chardonnay Salad Pairing

Grilled Rib-Eye Steaks with 2010 & 2011 Gandona Encosta & 2011 Gandona Cabernet Sauvignon 

Black garlic demi, maitake and king trumpet mushrooms, pickled baby carrots, buttered garlic roasted potatoes paired with Gandona’s flagship Cabernet Sauvignons. It’s hard to decide which wine paired best, as the 2011 Encosta‘s new(er) vine red fruit profile paired incredibly well with the meat and the 2011 Gandona Cabernet Sauvignon’s older(er) vine dark fruit profile paired well with the rib-eye with the black garlic demi. In the end, it appeared that diners preferred the 2011 Gandona Cabernet Sauvignon most with this mouth-watering dish.

Gandona Cabernet Sauvignon Ribeye

Triple Chocolate Fudge Brownies with 2010 Fraga do Arco Dessert Wine

Dark chocolate ganache paired with a traditionally crafted port-style dessert wine that reflects the owner’s heritage, need we say more?


If you are interested in the wines in this post, be sure to visit Knightsbridge Wine Shoppe online at or in person at 824 Sunset Ridge Rd, Northbrook IL 60062.

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