Mushrooms and Frappato at Vera Restaurant in Chicago

Vera Chicago, named one of Chicago’s best wine bars by Chicago Magazine, has yet to disappoint. Sommelier Elizabeth Mendez is always available to answer questions and make wonderful suggestions, and the knowledgable staff is always able to provide exceptional pairing recommendations. Add Chef Mendez’s food to the mix, and you are in for a satisfying meal.

The Suggested Pairing

I overheard the bartender recommend mushrooms with Centonze Frappato, and was intrigued. I’m happy that I ‘stole’ the recommendation, because the pairing was delicious.

Mushrooms, thyme, garlic jus
Mushrooms at Vera in Chicago






I don’t know how to explain these mushrooms, other than perfect (I really wish I had a better photo). They were so, so wonderfully prepared. The Frappato’s tangy acidity combined with flavors of cherry, raspberry and purple flowers held up well to the garlic jus and added a bright note to the earthy dish. Now I need to go back and have the Patatas Bravas paired with something wonderful, and I will be in heaven.

Centonze, Frappato, Sicily 2011
Centonze, Frappato, Sicily 2011 at Vera Chicago







If you haven’t had the pleasure of trying Vera Chicago, I highly recommend stopping by and letting their staff guide you through your meal. Plus, they are a quick two second walk from the Green Line in the West Loop. Cheers!

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